Blue Safety Feet Painting

A new safety initiative has come from Australia – Blue Safety Feet.The blue footprint initiative aims to fulfil this need through:

  • Mimicking of an existing “culture”, e.g. where footprints are used in schools to “show the way”;
  • Guiding riders away from escalator edges through the aligning of their feet with the footprints;
  • Encouraging riders to stand still and face forward whilst riding;
  • Additional yellow highlighting of the escalator entrance, exit and step edges to assist the elderly and those with impaired vision to better identify fixed and moving elements and enter / exit safely.

This safety project was initially carried out by Lend Lease and The Westfield sites in Australia, and proved so successful in the accident reduction that we are now bringing out to the UK shopping centres.

We carried out the Blue Feet Painting at Touchwood in Solihull on behalf of OTIS as the first test site, and have since started to take it to other sites in the UK.

Please contact us for more pictures and information.