Yellow Safety Demarcation Painting

After completing a thorough deep clean to allow a proper adhesion of the paint, we spray the yellow demarcation lines to the edge of the escalator steps, to either match existing or in the choice of your preference (see chart below)  This work is done without the need for the removal the steps, and all carried out insitu. There is no downtime to the escalator, its ready to go within 3 hours of application.

Yellow demarcation lines show step movement

Guiding passengers away from escalator edges.

Can be applied on any make of escalator regardless of age

Along with the deep cleaning, this process will enhance the look of your escalators

We also offer discounted rates for additional escalator maintenance cleans to keep up the new high standard of appearance 

All work is done out of hours, with No escalator downtime

Escalator Safety Demarcations Styles 2019


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